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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4


  Maple Class


   Beech Class


            Maple  Class Staff                                                                Beech Class Staff

     Mrs Jeynes- Class Teacher                                           Miss Vetch - Class Teacher (Mon-Wed)

     Mrs Perkins - Teaching Assistant                                  Mr Higgins - Class Teacher (Thur-Fri)

                                                                                           Mrs O'Hara - Teaching Assistant       


Our first topic is called The Beasties and is based on a book where tiny creatures tell stories in order to get a little girl to sleep at night.

The topic is based on story writing but we are also going to be creating our own soft toy Beasties using our cutting and sewing skills. We will then write stories that include our new Beasties and share these with another class at the end of the topic.

Our next topic is called 'Through the Forest' and is based on the book Fox by Margaret Wild.

Our focus is going to be on characters and their relationships to each other, and at the end of the topic we will be writing an new end to the text.

This book lets us link in some science based on Living Things and their Habitats, and we are going to be looking at minibeasts. We will be going on a 'bug hunt' around the school and learning about where and how different minibeasts live. We might even be making some homes for different wildlife! This science will see us working with keys, classifying the minibeasts, and using our observational skills to look closely at what the animals look like. We will then link our art to the little creatures.


Maths homework is given out every Friday to be completed by the following Thursday.  Every piece of completed work will earn your child a dojo point.    


PE kits need to be in school every day as PE times do vary.

Don't forget to bring outside and inside kit.