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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4




            Maple  Class Staff                                                                Beech Class Staff

     Mrs Jeynes- Class Teacher                                           Miss Vetch - Class Teacher (Mon-Wed)

     Mrs Perkins - Teaching Assistant                                  Mr Higgins - Class Teacher (Thur-Fri)

                                                                                           Mrs O'Hara - Teaching Assistant       


Home learning help

Every child has had a pack of work sent home with them to help keep the time that they are at home as normal as possible. This will give them the chance to consolidate their learning so far and help keep their learning on track. There are about 2 weeks worth of activities covering maths, SPAG, reading and vocabulary. There is also a list of websites that they can get access to, as another way of learning. They have a book to do the work in. It is our suggestion that some regular time is put over to this every day, for everyone's sanity!


New home learning activities:


The company that we take a lot of our maths from is making a lesson each day covering the content that we would have been doing in school. It is a short video with the teaching and a set of downloadable activities that can be done to reinforce the learning (with answer!!). I have watched them and think that they would make part of a good daily maths session. The link to the page is here: 

I suggest that you start on week 1 and work your way through, as they are in small, manageable steps. If you get stuck, you could email either me or Miss Vetch on our class emails ( and but I think you will be fine. You can also go back to the work for previous year groups if you want to do some gap filling.



The children's newspaper First News Education has released its weekly newspaper free online whilst schools are closed. It is written specifically for children with articles relevant to them ina language that is suitable to them. It would be a good real us of reading. They are also putting together some activities that can be used as comprehension practise. The link is here:


Malvern trip update: we have postponed the trip until June. It has been booked for Friday 26th-Sunday 28th June. 


There are some live sites that you might enjoy or find helpful for learning from:

  • For a live maths lesson each day, go to 
  • For some fun exercise, Joe Wicks is doing a live PE session at 9am each day on YouTube The Body Coach TV for 30 mins.


Our latest topic: Paddington's American Adventures

You will find the link to the list of homework activities in the homework section further down the page.

So far, we have watched the beginning of the Paddington film and read the picture book that it came from to familiarise ourselves with the character of Paddington. We could see that he is good a getting into trouble, although he doesn't mean to and that the Brown family might soon need a break fromhim. We used our research and geography skills to work out that the USA would be a good place for Paddington to visit next, as they have bears and they speak English, so off Paddington went to......

Alaska first.

This polar continent is in the far north of the country. Here, the indigenous people are the Inuit (or eskimos). They have a very different way of life. 

Maths homework is given out every Friday to be completed by the following Thursday.  Every piece of completed work will earn your child a dojo point.    


PE kits need to be in school every day as PE times do vary.

Don't forget to bring outside and inside kit.