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Maths in Cranberries

In Cranberries, evidence of maths can be seen in all areas of our learning environment.


Number and Numerical Patterns end of Nursery Expectations


· I can recite numbers to 5 mostly in the right order and I can ‘tag’ using the stable order to 5.

· I count things that can’t be seen.

· I can say how many there are after counting and know the last number I count is the total in the group.

· I am beginning to recognise up to 3 objects without counting them individually.

· I am beginning to compare quantities (up to 5 objects) using words such as ‘more than, ‘less than’ and fewer.

· I am beginning to understand that addition is the combining of sets of objects. I can write some numbers from 0-5.

· I am beginning to create and extend ABAB patterns with shapes and numbers.

· I am beginning to recognise and describe some 2D (circle, rectangle, square, triangle) and some 3D (cube, cuboid, cylinder, cone and sphere) shapes.

· I am starting to use more positional vocabulary.

· I describe a familiar route using directional language.

· I am beginning to order items by length and weight using non-standard measures using the correct vocabulary.

· I can select objects and pictures which are the same from a small group and think of a way to sort objects into 2 groups.