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My name is Nina Adams, and I am the subject leader for Art at our school. My enjoyment with art is sketching and crafting. I find these elements very relaxing and satisfying to produce something to be admired and enjoyed.

I believe that art is an essential part of the broad and balanced curriculum that children experience at Cranham Primary School. It provides children with the opportunity to be expressive and creative whilst also developing their artistic skills. Inspired by artists from the past and present day, the children experience a variety of art forms within school. 

At Cranham, we work hard to prepare children for the world of work and to raise aspirations. I have the great privilege to discuss with the children their opinions of the artist they are studying. Many children can talk with great interest about individual artists. Some discuss visiting exhibitions and recognizing artwork whilst out and about.

  Art helps pupils to be expressive and encourages individuality. Many children flourish in art lessons. As their creativity takes hold, their confidence grows. We encourage our children to recognize the job opportunities open to them as future artists, illustrators, architects and designers.

I am amazed at the artwork I see and love it when a child proudly presents their work to me. Christmas in school is a delightful time, when I witness Christmas card designs, and creative decorations hanging in the hall.



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