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Business with Barnett

Friday 17th May 2024

This week Emma came into school to answer questions about her mealworm growing company.


  • Emma is from Worcestershire went to school in Malvern.
  • Emma went to a horticultural college in Devon then worked as a gardener and garden designer. She has also worked as a head gardener for a retirement home group and left this 3 years ago to set up Ento U.P
  • Ento U.p is a company that breeds and farms meal worms organically. They sell live meal worms for food for other animals like fish and snakes. They are currently making a fertiliser from meal worm waste
  • Emma's work is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals – She has won an award for this work recently.


The children were very impressed by Emma's knowledge. Some of the grown ups tried some and they were surprising nice! 



Monday 8th April


This week we had an engineer come into school to talk to the children about his job. As always the children thought of some wonderful questions. There was a competition between Mrs Tyler and a child in Year 5 to see who could build a stable house out of marshmallows and uncooked spaghetti. Mrs Tyler house was not very impressive!


Friday 23rd February 


Professional Ballet Dancer 


Our guest today, Poppy is a professional dancer working for a ballet company in Portugal! She told the children about the time she represented England in the dancing World Cup and the children in turn asked Poppy some great questions about her job. Mr Higgins also had a dance off with Harry.

Friday 9th February


We had an ex-pupil visit us today for Business with Barnett! Russ now works as a teacher at a local school. He often runs Forest School sessions and had a race with Mrs Tyler to light the cotton wool with a flint striker! Don't worry it was all contained (just in case the children come home and tell you a visitor started a fire in the hall today)!

Friday 19th January 


We had our next installment of 'Business with Barnett' today. We invited ex pupil Lauren in to talk about her job as a Dental Nurse. The children always think of great questions. Some today included 'Do you give out stickers?', 'What qualifications do you need?' and 'What subjects did you do at school that now help you with your job?'. Mr Higgins and Mrs Brown had a race to put the PPE on...Mr Higgins won (just).

Friday 15th December 


We had our first 'Business with Barnett' assembly today with Rob Askew a local carpenter. The children thought of their own questions for Rob including what school subjects you need to be good at if you want to be a carpenter and how much money you can expect to earn. Rob also had a competition with Miss Askew to see who could drill 10 screws into a piece of wood the quickest. Unfortunately Miss Askew didn't win... even after a head start! The children really enjoyed meeting him.