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Cranham Primary School home

Cranham Primary School and Cranberries Nursery

The Staff team at Cranham

For photos and information about the staff at Cranham, please click on the links below to 'Class Pages' and 'Meet the Family Liaison and Nurture Team'


Mrs Charlotte Barnett


Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Alison Davies


Designated Safeguarding Leads

Mrs Charlotte Barnett

Mrs Alison Davies

Mrs Sarah Young

Mrs Susan Turner


Looked After Children Lead Teacher

Mrs Charlotte Barnett


Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Sarah Young



Mrs Claire Tyler 


Special Educational Needs (SEND) Coordinator

Mrs Charlotte Barnett and Mrs Beth Jeavons


School Office Manager and Finance Officer

Miss Jemma Bailey


Site Manager

Mr Brian Dudley


All staff can be contacted through the school office on 01905 452437 or alternatively 


Class and year group 



Mrs Shelley Ford, Mrs Clare Davis,

 Miss Robyn Parsons (maternity leave),

Miss Jo Marston, Miss Sarah Petra, Mrs Trudie Brooks, Mrs Corin Howard

Catkins (Reception)

Mrs Claire Tyler, Mrs Katie Shutt, 

Mrs Lisa Griffiths, Miss Emma Fewtrell,

Mrs Corin Howard, Ms Kerry Charman,

Mrs Paige Jenkins, 


(Year 1)

Miss Kelly Wilkes,

Mrs Aimee Bristow


(Year 1)

Mrs Sam Edwards, 

Miss Natalie Bottley


(Year 2)

Miss Lucy Askew,

Mrs Sarah Glover

Mulberry (Nurture base)

Mrs Sue Turner

Mrs Janine Stephens, Mrs Emma Kelly and Mrs Amy Birt

Hawthorn (Year 2)

Miss Lorraine Banks,

Mrs Jayne Lavell

Lime (Year 3)

Mrs Phoebe Burton, 

Mrs Bridget Hill

Sycamore (Year 3)

Mrs Claire Havard,

Miss Caitlin Ford


(Year 4)

Miss Justine Smith,

 Mrs Laura Adams


(Year 4)

  Mrs Nina Adams,

Ms Trudy Edwards

Chestnut (Year 5)

Miss Gemma Jenkins,

Mrs Elaine Wilson


(Year 5)

Mr Aaron Roberts,

Mrs Jo Mann


(Year 6)

Mrs Joanna Dodds,

Mrs Sadie O'Hara


(Year 6)

Mrs Rebekah Smith,

Mrs Nicky Brown



Mrs Charlotte Barnett and Mrs Beth Jeavons (Deputy SENCo)



Mrs Rebekah Smith




Miss Gemma Jenkins
Teachers for intervention

 Mrs Rachel Screen, Miss Helen Rose

Mrs Lindsay Hayward

Sport and cover Teacher Mr Matt Higgins
Music and Drama Assistant Mrs Amy Birt
Special Educational Needs assistants

Ms Sarah Ash

Mrs Debbie Sutherland, Miss Gillian McMahon, Mrs Jane Hough,

Miss Vicki Jones, Mrs Nicky Johnson, Mrs Julie Brett,

Ms Elizabeth Ward, Mrs Gill Dodd,

Mrs Laura Adams, Mrs Hannah Bush,

Ms Sarah Cassidy

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Tracey O'Neil, Mrs Bridget Hill, Mrs Emma Staite, Miss Steph Munden, Miss Lisa Page, Miss Katie Harrison, Mrs Trudie Brooks

Office Team

Miss Jemma Bailey

Mrs Maria Barber,

Miss Eloise Tyler

Catering Team

Mrs Tracey Wardell,   

Mrs Cindy Walters, Mrs Emma Norcott, Mrs Sue Sandbrook 

Family Liaison and Nurture

Mrs Sue Turner, Mrs Janine Stephens,

Mrs Emma Kelly, Mrs Amy Birt






Mrs Charlotte Barnett is our Headteacher

Mrs Alison Davies is our Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Sarah Young is our Assistant Head