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My name is Lindsay Hayward and I am the subject leader for Languages at our school. Languages are a vital part of the broad and balanced curriculum that children experience at Cranham Primary School with the intention of our language curriculum being to develop an interest in and thirst for learning other languages.


I want it to inspire our budding linguists to develop self-confidence and be brave enough to communicate in another language, have respect for and understand other cultures and celebrate diversity.


At Cranham, we work hard to prepare children for the world of work and to raise aspirations. Learning a language enriches the curriculum helping to create enthusiastic learners, develop positive attitudes to language learning throughout life, and is a necessary part of being a member of a multicultural society by providing an opening to developing an awareness of other cultures.


I love to travel to new and exciting places. Exploring a new country, experiencing new cultures and meeting new people is my favourite thing to do (though I do prefer travelling to warmer places) and of course, practising my language skills.


The languages I can speak are Spanish and French . French is probably my most fluent as I lived and worked in France for 4 years for a ski company. My favourite part of languages is experiencing cultural diversity with the children. It is always good to experience new traditions and customs that the children can share with their families.


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