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Sports Premium

What is Sports Premium?


In April 2013 the Government announced new funding of £150 million for Physical Education (PE) and sport. This funding should be used to improve the quality and breadth of PE and Sport provision. Schools are free to determine how best to use this funding to improve the quality and breadth of PE and Sport provision, including increasing participation in PE and Sport so that all pupils develop healthy lifestyles and reach the performance levels they are capable of.

As of 2017-18, the sport Premium has doubled and Schools with 17 or more eligible pupils receive £16,000 and an additional payment of £10 per pupil.


Schools can use funding to:

  • hire qualified sports coaches to work with teachers
  • provide existing staff with training or resources to help them teach PE and sport more effectively
  • introduce new sports or activities and encourage more pupils to take up sport
  • support and involve the least active children by running or extending school sports clubs, holiday clubs and Change4Life clubs
  • run sport competitions
  • increase pupils’ participation in the School Games
  • run sports activities with other schools


Schools should not use their funding to:

  • employ coaches or specialist teachers to cover planning preparation and assessment (PPA) arrangements - these should come out of their core staffing budgets.
  • teach the minimum requirements of the national curriculum - including those specified for swimming (or, in the case of academies and free schools, to teach your existing PE curriculum).


How will we at Cranham account for this funding?

We will publish a statement of income, spend, impact and sustainability annually. The use of the premium will be managed by PE Co-ordinators, the finance administrator and overseen by the Headteacher. This information will also be shared with school governors and parents. Take a look at our PE and Sport Premium Documents to see how we have utilised the premium so far to vastly improve PE and Sport at Cranham.



Sports Premium Funding 2019-20

Sports funding 2018/19

We have been fortunate enough to keep the same sports funding as last year. This means that the school will receive £1600 plus £10 per pupil. Having successfully had our running track installed, we will be using sports funding to pay the final cost of installation. After our most successful year ever in sporting terms, we will be continuing to fund a wide range of after school clubs to enable as many as possible of our pupils to engage in extra curricular activity. The government strategy to make each child's day as active as possible is central to our sports funding spending this year. As well as using the running track before and after school, pupils will be encouraged to run before or after lessons. We are also looking into using money to invest in "active" maths programmes, especially those which will help pupils who struggle with confidence in these subjects. Money will be invested in helping our Cranham Crew to deliver high quality assistance across the school. Pupils will be involved in deciding how best the money can be used to make a positive difference to all. 

As this year draws to a close it has been the most successful year ever for us in terms of sporting achievement with us winning 4 trophies having never won a single one in the past 20 years. We have also taken more children than ever to sporting and inclusive events and pupils have had the opportunity to compete in a large variety of activities. Our After-school Clubs have shown greater attendance and pupils have maintained their attendance throughout the year. When questioned pupils say they are "proud to represent Cranham" and that they "enjoy the different opportunities" to do active clubs at lunchtimes and after school. The great success of our girls, both in football and netball, has meant that girls are now more likely to associate joining clubs with success.  The exemplary behaviour of our pupils (OFSTED 2019) is partly down to the active school day which we encourage throughout the school.

 Academic Year 2018 / 19 Total funding £19450

Key outcome - School focus with clarity on

intended impact

Actions to achieve




Evidence / impact on pupils and whole school improvement  

next steps /


Key indicator 5

Improve the skill level of pupils in KS1 to enable them to compete in competitions as they move up school

Lunchtime football club

Afterschool multiskills

£1865 Pupils showing greater understanding of team work and basic skills by end of year. Examples of pupils "showing" peers how to do something and saying"this is how we were taught to do it ..."  

Encourage pupils to join up to more clubs as they move to KS2. Offer extra KS1 clubs to meet the increased need for places.

Make sure teachers know which pupils have been to clubs so they can use them to demonstrate or lead in PE lessons.

Key indicator 4 / 5

Replacing equipment to enable all pupils to access PE and for competitions

New netball dresses, jointly funded with School Parent Teachers association

New football kit - provided by Primary Stars organisation

Blow up goals for ks1 to improve lunchtime activity levels


Netball team smartly dressed when entering competitions especially tournaments - increased confidence

Now have 2 football kits so more pupils can attend competitions


Sufficient dresses have been purchased to ensure pupils will be able to wear them for many years

Extra football kit means more pupils able to attend competitions and have confidence in their appearance

Key indicator 3

Increase attainment in PE so pupils achieve age related expectations

Provide "in house" CPD in gymnastics for those teachers who did not receive it last year. Monitor and support others as required (eg new staff) £670 By the end of the school year all staff in KS1 and KS2  have had support in teaching gymnastics   Teachers becoming more confident in teaching gymnastics and showing willingness to use equipment appropriately

Key indicator 5

Enter competitions and festivals targeted across the school at different sets of pupils

Children attended inclusive festival Nov 18, Apr 19 (Y3/4 Oak class)

Year 4,5,6 attended cricket touraments and reached finals in 3

Held Year 4 golf tournament  and Yr 3/4 and 5/6 tennis tournament plus finals of netball and football league matches at Cranham

Netball team entered 2 tournaments, winning one and coming 2nd in other

Year 3/4/5/6 pupils entered swimming galas

Entered football league and tournaments for girls and boys and won trophies, reached finals 

Year 5 went bellboating and took part in 2 athletics sessions at Worcester University and at an event run by Tudor Grange Academy.

Year 5 and 6 attended cross country

Year 4 entered a hockey tournament and came second

Year 5/6 represented Droitwich and Worcester City for tennis at the school games

Coaches to venues provided when pupils unable to offer lifts



Increased parental support for pupils attending activities. Parents feel that Cranham is " a good school for sport"

Pupils celebrated in assemblies and encouraged to bring in sporting achievements from home to display on achievement board.

Competition from pupils to be part of teams.



Pupils leaving Cranham are increasingly being picked for school teams at High School. High schools more aware of us as a sporting school.

Aim to continue with sporting successes and to continue to enter as many competiions and events as possible.

key indicator 4

Offer a wide range of after school clubs to encourage as large a range of pupils as possible to attend

offer opportunities for gifted and talented pupils to extend their skills further

Autumn/Spring term: g&t football, netball, indoor sports, rugby, football, boxercise/zumba, basketball/ handball, street dance, multiskills (ks1)

Summer term: g&t football, rounders, indoor sports, cricket, football, zumba, athletics, gymnastics, multiskills

To meet the needs of pupils who cannot attend clubs after school and to meet demand the following lunchtime clubs have been added

football (ks1), running club, girls football club


greater numbers of pupils have attended clubs than ever before (up12%)

Range of clubs has given additional opportunities fo r pupils to use skills in competitions in and out of school. Lunchtime clubs has met the needs of pupils who are not able to go to clubs after school - this could be successfully increased though time limited

  Teachers are supporting these clubs and so will be able to run similar clubs if funding is no longer available

key indicator 2

profile of PESSPA being raised across school as a  tool for whole school improvement

Teachers trained on recommendation that all pupils to have at least 30 mins of physical activity per day in school. Rota for use of running track within school day and use of gonoodle and similar programmes to increase active lessons.

Pupils across KS2 (Cranham Crew) trained to work with younger pupils at lunchtimes (on rota system) to ensure pupils are actively engaged. Others monitor and encourage activity on KS2 playground


All pupils focussed and ready to learn. OFSTED commented on physical readiness to learn of pupils, pupils enjoy physical "breaks" in school day "it is good to get outside for a few minutes"

Cranham Crew have been very successful in increasing participation of pupils in activities at lunchtime


Staff all trained in this and can continue to embed it for next year. 

PE co-ordinator to train Cranham Crew for next academic year


Key indicator 1

Encourage pupils to be increasingly active during the whole school day

Running track





active maths 

teacher training on active school day

Maths on the move - programme to start Jan 19 with pupils with specific need. Teachers to be given CPD








Repayment to school for loan for cost of running track



Active maths was very popular with pupils and was successful in increasing participation in lessons and creating a positive attitude to maths and PE


Running track has been very successful in enabling pupils to be active at break and lunchtimes, especially when the weather does not allow them access to the school field, It is also regularly used as part of the active school day and for clubs.

Teachers are being trained up on this programme and will be able to continue it in future years. Once established they will be able to further train other members of staff to run the programme with different groups of pupils as required.


Sports Funding 2017/18

This year the government has doubled the PE and sport premium, giving each school £16000 plus £10 per pupil. The money is to be used to benefit all pupils but schools are able to use their discretion on how the money is spent. At Cranham we want as much of the money as possible to directly benefit the pupils. For this reason we are using a large part of the money to expand the availability of out of school hour clubs so that as many pupils as possible can attend. We are also dedicating a lump of money towards the building of a running track around the junior playground. This will be sustainable and be used by all pupils. A smaller percentage of money will be put towards transport for pupils to enable them to go to competitions when parents cannot provide lifts. ( We are extremely grateful to those parents who do help us whenever they can.) We will also spend small amounts on relevant staff training and on new equipment for PE.

Swimming - 29/60 pupils can swim 25 meters confidently in Year 6 

Academic Year 2017/18 Total funding £19560        








How will

we know

Next steps/ sustainability

increase the 


for KS1 pupils

to access

extra-curricular PE

Lunchtime football skills

club for Y1 and Y2 pupils

After school multiskills

club Y1/Y2

After school gymnastics

club Y1/Y2

£2490 to 

July 18

All last year's footballers 

joined KS2 football club

Multiskills oversubscribed so 

gymnastics introduced Oct 17

Pupils demonstrate skills in 

lessons to help peers

68% KS1 pupils have attended

at least one extra curricular

PE club this year

Monitor pupil

attending each


Encourage to join clubs when move to KS2

Links to outside clubs for pupils to attend

Ensure enough good

quality equipment for

each child to 



Buy new/ replacement 


Replace netball bibs

and increase no 


Replace damaged

rugby tag belts with

ones more appropriate

for different sizes 

of pupils



Pupils get individual 

opportunity to fully 

participate in PE lessons

all have appropriate

equipment for task

have suitable equipment

for when attending


question pupils

monitor use 

of equipment

Equipment will be used for many years

new tag rugby belts much easier for

pupils to fit and are more appropriate to different sized pupils

Increase attainment in Pe

so pupils achieve

age related expectations

Provide "in house"

CPD in gymnastics

through team teaching

CPD swimming course

for Year 3 teacher

PE co-



More confident teaching

Pupils receive better

quality teaching





Continue to ask staff about needs

and send on any appropriate

courses that come available

Rolling programme of training

enter competitions

and attend festivals

targeted at 

different sets of 


Enter competitions

run by local sports 


Enter level 2 School

Games competitions

Attend festivals

aimed at specific

groups of pupils

Hire coaches for 

this purpose

£971 to July 18

More pupils able to compete

against their peers at 

other schools

pupils more confident

when meeting other 

pupils and visiting other


Pupils motivated to do 

well in physical activities

and to practise to 

improve their skills

keep records

of events

attended and by which


More likely to attend clubs


Pupil voice - enjoy taking part

Improved performance - won Appleton Cup for first time in its 30 year history

Pupil reached Winter School Games

in Cross country

Pupils reached Summer School Games in tennis and archery arrows

Offer a wide variety 

of after school clubs

to meet the needs

of all pupils

use pupil voice to 

find out the 

interests and 

variety of activities

pupils would like to 

take part in , then 

offer as many as 


meet needs of 

pupils not able to 

attend After school


meet needs of less 

active pupils

£6185 to July 18

Greater amount of

pupils attending clubs

outside school hours

Early analysis showed

Year 4 pupils attended

less clubs than other

years so introduced 

lunchtime club specially

for pupils keen to do 

activities but not able

to attend after school

Change for life club

introduced to meet the

needs of less active 

pupils or others who

were felt would benefit

frome the social 

aspects of the club

April 18 - 73% (176/240) pupils 

have attended at least 

one extra curricular

PE club this year

69% PP KS2 pupils have 

attended clubs

levels of



pupil voice

Parent feedback

coach feedback

Pupils improve skills - both PE and social

Pupils get opportunities to 

compete that they may not be

able to access out of school

Pupils are linked to outside

clubs where appropriate

pupils have a positive attitude

to activity as fun and wish to 

continue this in High School

Pupil feedback at High school

that have joined clubs and entered

competitons. Greater uptake of clubs in new school year amongst those targetted.

Year 17/ 18 27% in clubs Aut term

Year 18/ 19 61% in clubs Aut term

Offer opportunities

to gifted and 

talented pupils

to extend their skills

use specialist 

coaches to provide

extra opportunities

for more able pupils to extend

their skills 

football coach


More able pupils used 

as demonstrators,

coaches, support in PE


Pupils more prepared

when attending comps

monitor levels

of attendance

Monitor pupils 


other clubs and

move to G&T 

group when 


Pupils ready to move to High School

Pupils able to gain confidence

by helping others

Won the Appleton Cup

Offer opportunities

for all pupils to 

become increasingly

active at break, 

lunch and during

the school day

Build a running track

around the ks2 field

for all pupils to 

access at  different


use pedometers to 

monitor current 

activity levels across

ks2 then after 



Total cost



raised by 


£9000 from sports 

funding this




Great enthusiasm 

amongst pupils to have

more space for running

Gives access to more 

space when field 

unavailable due to wet


pupils come into school

more able to concentrate

greater fitness among


pupils more active 

before school, at 

break and lunch time

monitor levels of use 


competitions to 

encourage use

by specific


track will be a long-term asset

for pupils to improve their

fitness levels

Track very popular with pupils, staff and parents, especially when field unavailable


Sports Funding Statement 2016/17

What is the Sports Premium?

The government is providing funding of £150million per annum for the academic years 2013/4 and 2014/5 to provide new and substantial primary school sport funding. The funding is being provided jointly by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport, and will see money going directly to primary school Head teachers to spend on improving the quality of sport an dPE for all their children.

Each school will receive £8000 plus and extra £5 per pupil each year for the next 2 years . The money can only be spent on sport and PE provision in schools. The money will be used so that all children benefit regardless of their sporting ability.

Purpose of the funding

All schools have to spend the sport funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, but there is freedom to choose how we do it. At Cranham we recognise the contribution of PE to the health and well-being of our children. We also believe that providing an innovative and varied PE curriculum and a range of extra-curricular opportunities  will have a positive influence on the concentration, attitude and academic achievement of all pupils, as well as introducing them to life-long interests.


Academic year:2106/17

Total funding: £9260


Key Outcome


Funding allocated/spent


Next steps/Sustainability

Gaining Gold Mark for School Games Mark and then sustaining it

Apply for school games mark

Get more pupils involved in Cranham Crew supporting PE across the school


Spring term



£Gold mark achieved Sept 16

70 pupils in ks2 (30%) have volunteered to be part of the Crew and have been allocated a variety of jobs including supporting dinner staff on KS1 playground and running activities for breakfast club

Pupils keen to help each other – can be encouraged to be sports leaders at High School

Continue to run program

Increase the opportunities for KS1 pupils to access extra-curricular PE

Lunchtime football skills club for Year 2 pupils


Spring term £400

Summer term £330

20 pupils (1/3 of Year Group) have attended. 3 of the attendees have social problems and this has helped them with their behaviour and attitude in class

Encourage to join clubs when in KS2.

                      Ensuring enough equipment for every child to have own stick/ ball in a PE lesson

Buy new/ replacement equipment

Spring term


Summer term


Pupils get individual opportunity to fully participate in PE lessons. All have appropriate equipment for the task. Pupils make more progress in the lessons

Continuously monitor requirements

Provide CPD where required

NQT sent on PE training course to help hone skills.

Followed by team teaching with PE co-ordinator

PE co-ordinator team teaching with teachers where appropriate

Use “expert” coaches to teach specific skills (eg cricket) and provide teachers with CPD

Spring Term


More confident teaching. A bank of resources to enable a varied approach to teaching PE in all its forms

Continually ask staff about needs and send staff on any appropriate courses that become available.

PE co-ordinator to team-teach to support staff.

(4 staff targeted so far this year)

Enter Competitions and attend festivals targeted at different sets of pupils

Enter competitions run by local sports organisations

Enter Level 2 School Games Competitions

Attend festivals aimed at specific groups of pupils

Hire coaches / mini-buses for this purpose

Autumn term £244

Spring term


More pupils able to compete against their peers at other schools

Pupils more confident when meeting other pupils and when visiting other schools

Pupils motivated to do well in physical activities and to practise to improve their skills

More likely to attend clubs


Pupil voice – pupils enjoy taking part in competitions

Improved performance – Reached ¼ finals in football tournament for 1st time this year

Offer a wide variety of after school clubs to meet the interests of all pupils










Offer opportunities for pupils to try different sporting activities as part of sports week

Use pupil voice to find out the interests and variety of activities that pupils would like to take part in and then offer as many as possible




Use specialist coaches to provide different activities - tchukball, extreme frizbee, tri-golf, archery, problem solving

Autumn term


Spring term


Summer term





Handball club introduced after pupils request following Sports Week activities

Gymnastics club introduced with trained coach and links to outside club

Greater amount of pupils attending clubs outside school.

80 (1/3) KS2 pupils attending clubs on Wed ( Clubs also run on other days with 30-50 pupils attending)


Pupils able to try new activities and to extend their skill set. activities offered to pupils across ks1 as well as ks2 enabling them to experience more challenging sports and to use their fundamental skills











Pupils improve skills – both PE and social

Pupils get opportunities to compete that they may not be able to access in any other way

Pupils are linked to outside clubs where appropriate

Pupils have a positive attitude to activity as fun and wish to continue this at High school

Pupils return to visit relating which sports clubs they have joined and if they have been chosen for teams



Provide opportunities at lunchtimes for children to experience some of these activities and to further develop skills
















Offer opportunities for Gifted and Talented pupils to extend their skills

Use specialist coaches to provide extra opportunities for more able pupils to extend their skills

Football coach – every Monday after school from Sept 16

Autumn term


Spring term


Summer term


More able pupils used as demonstrators, coaches, support in PE lessons

Pupils more prepared when attending competitions

Pupils ready for moving on to High School

Pupils able to gain confidence by helping others




Sports Premium Funding 15/16

Spending at Cranham Primary School

What we did


Next review

Provided sports coaches for free after-school clubs :-


Street dance








  1. Wider range of free extra- curricular activities available
  2. Pupils taught by “experts” in their fields
  3. Pupils trying out new activities / sports
  4. Increased interest in competing

Sept 15

Teacher training on new government backed  Level5/6 certificate in Primary school Physical Education Specialism

  1. Greater understanding of how to improve PE throughout school
  2. Pupils interests taken into account and developed


Sept 15

Subsidised transport costs to competitions and festivals

  1. Allows us to offer free transport to events
  2. Greater participation for children of all abilities in local events
  3. Increased number of events attended

Sept 15

Provided sports coaches for in-school teaching



Dance/ Zumba





  1. Cpd for teachers
  2. Expert tuition for all pupils in school
  3. Broaden taught PE curriculum

Sept 15