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Design & Technology


At Cranham Primary School, we aim to deliver a high-quality Design and Technology curriculum, which will ensure that all pupils gain the skills to be able to consider the design processes of Design, make and evaluate. By the time children finish their journey at Cranham we want them to be able to determine practical solutions to real world challenges through deconstruction, design and discovery. They will learn this through a series of learning ‘topics’ including Food, moving mechanisms, and textiles.


The teaching of DT at Cranham Primary School encompasses the substantive concepts of the DT curriculum; Design, movement and mechanisms, purpose and impact, tools and techniques, materials and resources and consumer awareness. Staff will use the framework as a guide to prepare learning opportunities for children, adapting the teaching to meet the needs of all children. Cranham aims to provide an ambitious curriculum which challenges children to develop skills and vocabulary, and then use this in the projects they create.


This will allow the children to be able to think about the design process so that they are well equipped with useful technical knowledge to support them in the design and making of their product.


It also allows them to be able to understand the fundamentals of food groups, including dietary requirements, as well as using a range of cooking skills and tools to support their food preparation and develop an understanding of good food hygiene and the importance of a healthy balanced diet.  


As they progress through the school, it will allow them to develop a range of skills needed to design and make. It will allow children to love, learn and live as a global citizen in an ever-changing world.


The DT curriculum is carefully planned and structured around substantive concepts so that a coherent curriculum is delivered, ensuring the children make links within DT with prior learning from previous years. This includes both knowledge, skills and vocabulary. During lessons we share job opportunities that link to DT so that children have high aspirations and a purpose for their learning.


By the time the children have finished at Cranham we aim for them to have developed skills, but also a love for DT, which encourages them to identify career opportunities in the future.