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Cranham Primary School and Cranberries Nursery

Preparing our pupils for life in Modern Britain

At Cranham we are committed to preparing our pupils for life in Modern Britain. To do this we must fulfil the following 5 aims:

1. Democracy

      We aim for our pupils to have an understanding and appreciation of how decisions are made within the democracy which is Modern Britain. At Cranham our pupils have a ‘voice’ and enjoy contributing to decisions during their learning and in the school community as a whole.

2.  Rule of Law

     We aim for pupils to have an understanding of how laws are made in Britain and why it is so important for everybody to follow them. At school we enjoy our ‘golden rules’ and our pupils appreciate each other sticking to them.

3.  Individual liberty

      We aim for pupils to understand that they have rights and freedoms as a member of modern Britain. Pupils have a great deal of opportunities at Cranham to make choices and decisions about their learning.

4.  Mutual Respect

      We aim to instil in all of our pupils the idea that we have respect and understanding of all people. We respect and celebrate differences in modern Britain. We respect all people equally regardless of their age, race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity or religion.

5.  Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs to our own

      We aim for our pupils to understand that there are many faiths represented in modern Britain and in our community too. We learn about the major world faiths to foster an understanding and acceptance of the beliefs of others.