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Cranham Primary School home

Cranham Primary School and Cranberries Nursery

Our Visions and Ethos

Vision statement


We value and cherish all children in an ever-changing world. We are loved so we can love, we learn so that we can grow and therefore live our lives to the full, flourishing today and in the future as strong moral citizens. 

Our vision is to teach children to love, learn, live as a global citizen in an ever-changing world.

Both statements are encapsulated in our vision: ‘love, learn, live’.


In all that we do and every decision we make, we always use our STARS values to guide us.



Work together for the greater good

• We care about people

• We are patient

• We support each other

• We communicate our ideas and thoughts


Choose to see the good in people

• We are open, honest and reliable

• We listen

• We respectfully challenge if we disagree

• We believe in ourselves and others



Always work hard and do our best

• We seek opportunities to develop our skills, knowledge and experiences to continuously improve

• We have high expectations

• We use our resilience and strength to drive higher performance and personal achievement

• We try to be the best that we can be always



Everyone matters

• We respect and value the diversity of all people

• We find ways to include people and ensure everyone’s voice is heard

• We seek to understand people who are different from us and learn from experiences • We treat people fairly and with kindness





Protect yourself and others from harm

• We look after our own safety and wellbeing

• We help others to stay safe

• We are aware of risk and danger

• We follow safety procedures and report unsafe situations