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Cranham Primary School home

Cranham Primary School and Cranberries Nursery


Our vision is to teach children to love, learn and live as global citizens in an ever changing world.


To investigate and interpret how innovations have helped civilisations through time.




At Cranham Primary School, we aim to deliver a high-quality history curriculum, which will ensure that all pupils gain the coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. Our curriculum aims to stimulate the pupils’ curiosity and fascination about the past so that they develop their knowledge of the past and how its legacy affects us today.


Our teaching of history is supported by a wealth of thoughtfully planned enrichment opportunities. We are able to bring history to life through our use of artefacts, experience days with historians and our off site visits.  During lessons and through our ‘Business with Barnett’, we share job opportunities that link to history so that children have high aspirations and a purpose for their learning. We believe that these opportunities allow children to deepen their understanding of historical concepts and apply them within their own learning. 


In EYFS and KS1 the children will learn about their place within history, beginning to make connections between events in the past and our lives today. Continuing into KS2, the children then begin a chronological journey through time. By learning History sequentially, the children will understand how past events can impact upon future events and how we have evolved and changed over time. We consider simultaneous historical events happening around the world to give the children a holistic overview of our development to modern day.