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Class teachers: Mrs Dodds and Mr Cale

Support staff: Mrs Atkinson and Mr Hughes



To help you with your SATs revision please make sure that you are completing the CGP pages that have been set each week for both English and Mathematics.


Easter Holidays

Whilst it is really important that you have a rest over the Easter Holidays and do things that children need to do (play!), it is also important that you do not forget everything that we have studied. I have therefore made a list of things that you could be doing when you have some spare time in order to keep your mind active and ready for the Summer term.

Websites:     (Lots of games for                             your spelling and grammar).



                    (for all of your booster revision in maths)

                (for comprehension)

                  (for comprehension)


You will also be given your CGP books back over the holidays - revise the pages that we have already done and if you feel like it, complete any pages that have not been set. Do not worry if you cannot do do these if they are too difficult as we will go through them when we return.


31.03.17      Smal CGP reading book Set B Test 2 & 3

                   English: Correct pg 48 and complete pg 58 & 59.

                   Maths: pg 41 & 42.

24.03.17      Please correct your apostrophe work pg 49 and then complete pg 48.

                  Maths pg 28


                   English - make sure that you have completed pages 7 - 14 and where it has been                                 marked, please do your corrections.

                    Mathematics -  pages 28, 29 & 30.

10.03.17       English pages 12, 13 &14

                    Mathematics - pages 12,13 &14


We also suggest that your child uses the My Maths site with the school id as: cranham and the password as: success150. If they use the menu on the left-hand side, they will be able to access the booster packs for Year 6 and anything that they are unsure of can be resolved by completing the lesson and the homework.