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Year 3

Local area walk

They wanted to identify what the environment around our school was like. They hypothesised that the further away from school you were the better the environment would be. To test this they came up with a variety of criteria. They scored each area on our route according to the amount of litter, traffic noise and areas of open space. They planned a route and then went to collect their information.



Science Wizards

Year 3 had an opportunity to create their own     potions using a variety of disgustingly, gruesome   substances. There was blood, green slime, bats’ eyeballs and many other things. The concoctions fizzed, whizzed and bubbled!



Phone cases and purses

Year 3 researched, using google images, a variety of    designs for phone cases and purses. Keeping in mind the person they were making the item for, they selected and planned their designs.



Worcester Warriors


Year 3 were lucky enough to welcome The Worcester Warriors Education Team into school. They helped them to understand all about their bodies and what they need to eat and drink to stay healthy and energetic.



Stone Age? What's that?


Year 3 went to Bishop’s Wood to find out…What was it like to live in the Stone Age?


To start with they discussed when the Stone Age happened and how it was split into three phases Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic. They looked at the different artefacts from each phaseThen, they went out to hunt, gather, paint, grind, weave and even make FIRE! Everyday chores during the Stone Age.