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Year 2

Grace Darling


In history, Year 2 have been   finding out about the life of a significant lady – Grace Darling.  The children stepped back in time to ask her questions about her  daring rescue.


What are the seasons?


In Science, Year 2 have been  exploring     seasonal changes.  They went on a walk to spot signs of Autumn.


Dangers and Delights of the Sea

As part of our topic,  Dangers and Delights of the Sea, Year 2 had fun at our Cranham Beach Day.  The children enjoyed beach  combing, paddling in the water, having donkey rides, building sandcastles and of course eating ice cream!


Space Explorers


As part their our topic on Space Explorers they had an exciting afternoon launching rockets. They investigated to see how high and how far they could make the rockets travel.