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Year 1

Local area walk

We walked around Warndon and looked at  features of the local environment. We saw many different things, including a post box, church and local shops. We explored picture maps, atlases and google maps to help us get around and then drew our own maps when we got back to school.



What is in the Egg?

We had a special delivery in Year 1.  We were very excited and we had many questions.  We discovered that there was two dragon eggs inside.  Now we need to take care of the dragon.


Nurse Nigel

Year 1 had a visit today from ‘Nurse Nigel’. Nigel was able to answer our questions about staying healthy and clean.



Our friend Noi


Today, Noi sent us a message in a bottle from the Indian Ocean telling us that he was lost.  We spent the day learning about compass directions, map reading, the oceans of the World and writing a reply to Noi and his dad to help them.


Our first package

Noi has send us a package! We received a postcard, an Emperor  Penguin, a book and some holiday photos from Antarctica. We spent the afternoon learning all about Antarctica, to help us understand how to look after the penguin and make him feel at home.



Our second package

A postcard tiger, a book and some holiday photos from India. We spent the afternoon  learning all about Indian rangoli patterns, tasting Indian food and making Bhangra music.





Our third package

We have received a postcard, kangaroo, a book and some  holiday photos from Australia. We spent the afternoon learning all about Australian art. 




Library Walk