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Week 5 beginning 18th May

Week 5 planned activities

This week we have a new topic: Food. 

There is only one week of activities planned for this topic, as next week is half term, but you might find that some of the theme activities take longer and will run into the holiday period. There are lots of extra sheets and resources as there are lots of crafty and practical activities planned for, particularly for the science on food chains. This is part of the Year 4 science requirements and you will need what you learn for next year in Year 5.

The maths continues to be based on the videos on the White Rose home learning site, with the activity sheets found here.

Please try to send AT LEAST one piece of each section to your teacher via your class email. More is welcomed, too!

You will notice that there are 2 lesson one activity sheets. This is because the tenths and hundredths was covered by some people back when this planning began. If you have done it, then do the alternative fractions one. This is the website for the video for it .  If you are feeling great, do all of them! Don't forget that the Friday challenge is only on the website. No sheets required.

Additional maths activities (with answers). Choose 1*, 2* or 3* from the code-breaker sheet depending on how much challenge you want.