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Week 12 beginning 13th July

Welcome to week 12: transition week

Welcome to Week 12: transition week

This is it! The final week of Year 4. We've made it everyone! And what a year it has been. Memorable in every way. Well done to everyone for their efforts in learning from home. We know that it hasn't always been easy, but it will be worth it, as the beginning of Year 5 will be so much smoother.

This week's work is bridging the gap between Year 4 and Year 5. Hopefully, everyone will be coming into school for their transition meeting with their new teacher; a good way to ease yourselves back into the swing of school. This pack is designed to go alongside that. It will get you to think about everything that happened in Year 4 and to think about some goals for Year 5. You will then have a chance to share it with your new teacher on return to school in September.

Give it one last big push everyone. There is less actual work this week (because of coming into school on the one day) so we'd like to see everyone having a good go at it. If you don't finish the booklet pages this week, keep going so that they are ready for September.

Enjoy being Maple and Beech for one more week.