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Cranham Primary School home

Cranham Primary School and Cranberries Nursery

Trips and Events

Year 6 Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Year 6 visited Birmingham Botanical Gardens in November to support them with their geographical understanding of the rainforest. They loved seeing a wide variety of plants and animals.

Year 4 Birmingham Central Mosque

As part of their RE topic on Islam, Year 4 visited Birmingham Central Mosque. The children loved experiencing what prayer looks like and enjoyed exploring the importance of each room in the building.

Year 3 Smite Farm

As scientists, year 3 visited Smite Farm to study a wide variety of rocks. They got the opportunity to test different rocks and categorise them all.

Year 6 Box Cars

Each year, Year 6 design and make their own Box Cars in Design & Technology to race against other River's schools at Shelsley Walsh. The children love working collaboratively and demonstrating the knowledge they have learned throughout their curriculum.