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World War 2

For the whole of the Spring term we are going to be looking at World War 2. Throughout this topic, we will be looking at Worcester during WW2, rationing, evacuation, the Blitz and everything else you can think of to do with WW2.


We are using the following books: 

The Lion and the Unicorn

by Shirley Hughes



Friend or Foe 

by Michael Morpurgo




My Secret Diary 

by Marcia Williams


RAF Cosford

On the 13th February, Year 5 went on a trip to the RAF museum in Cosford. It was very fun, we saw lots of different aeroplanes and fighter jets. We also saw tanks and helicopters. For part of the day, we were in a World War 2 workshop, where we handled lots of old items from during the war, tried on old clothes, sat in an anderson shelter and a morrison shelter and learnt how people went to the toilet in the night!



Do you know what people did if they needed to go to the toilet in the night? They had to go in a bowl then they would leave the bowl under the bed until the morning. The bowl was called a 'gusunder' because it gusunder the bed!!