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   Twisted Tales

This week we have been working towards writing a descriptive passage about a wolf.

We began with thinking of vocabulary to describe a wolf. We used a thesaurus to uplevel our ideas and came up with some great words!

Vicious, Sly, Prowled, Pounced.


We then went on to write some simple sentences, just so we could check our punctuation.

The wolf's eyes were as dark as the night sky.


Then, writing sentences for effect.

The wolf, who was hunting for prey in the dense forest, stumbled over a bough. 

(bough was one of out words we learnt in spelling this week! Great use!)


Finally, we brought our ideas together to form a descriptive passage about the wolf.


In the dark of the night, the vicious, ravenous wolf prowls throughout the forest in search of something to plunge his teeth into. His teeth are as sharp as a knife and as white as snow. As soon as he spots his prey, he freezes, watches then pounces.  Hungrily, he demolishes his prey and disappears back into the gloomy, dense forest. The wolf, whose fur is as soft as velvet, settles down in his den, ready to fall asleep.