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The Creakers

Chapter 23

Let's carry on where we left off in class....

Chapter 24

Chapter 25

Did you spot that coming? What on earth will happen next?

Chapter 26

How do you feel about The Creakers now? What do you think will happen to them?

Chapter 27 - the twist in the tale!

Chapter 28

What do you think Lucy is thinking?
What would YOU do in Lucy's place?

Chapter 29

One left to go after this (well, one and the epilogue).
How is it all going to end?

Chapter 30 - the last one .... almost!

So there is a little bit more. Just for you.

Epilogue (which means the bit after the end)

It really is the end this time, I promise.
I hope you enjoyed this story. Why not let me know what you felt about it in an email?