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School Improvement Priorities 2019/2020


School Improvement Priorities for 2019/20


Key Issue 1

To establish roles, working practices and responsibilities of the new leadership team at Cranham Primary School. To include a definitive structure of support and accountability of executive roles within the MAT.


Key Issue 2

To improve the reading outcomes of Cranham Key Stage 2 pupils through the development of the reading culture within the school.


Key Issue 3

To offer great learning opportunities and enrich the EYFS curriculum by the creation and development of outdoor areas.


Key Issue 4

To make explicit across the school the desired characteristics of learning that we want our children to develop and to be familiar with. This is to improve metacognition and outcomes for pupils.


Key Issue 5

To further develop practices aimed at decreasing pupil absence to ensure that more pupils attend more of the time and levels of absence are no lower than national averages for all pupils.