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Practising green and red word cards

Each week, your child will be sent home with their new green word cards to learn. They can be cut out and below, there is a video that shows how to use Fred Talk to help your child blend the individual sounds together.


Using Fred Talk – point with your finger under each phoneme as you make the sound, then run your finger under the whole word to blend those sounds together to say the word.


Over the week, they should become more confident with these words and eventually, read them on sight, without the need to Fred Talk first.

All children should also have a set of red word cards. We would encourage you to 'spread the red!' around your home: doorways, mirrors, the fridge. Anywhere that you and your child can have the opportunity to practise them.


The children should be told these words and practise sight reading them (without Fred Talk).

phonics green words

Fred talk and Fred in your head

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Spread the red!

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