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Autumn 1

Aah Spider!

Our first topic of the year is 'All About Me'. We will be learning all about our families and our hobbies.  We will also explore our local area. In addition, we will be making our own spiders and teaching them how to be a good 'pet' for a human. 

"Aaaarrgghh, Spider!" by Lydia Monks

'The Jolly Postman'


During this topic, we investigate clues to find out what has happened to the Jolly Postman. Maybe the Big Bad Wolf is involved!  We also begin to look at lots of different fairy tales and the characters within them.

Autumn 2 

Fantastic Beasts

In this topic, we learn all about Winnie and her cat Wilbur and their chaotic adventures together.  We also receive a mysterious package containing a golden egg.  We then have to learn everything we can about dragons so we can look after them by writing to experts.

Spring 1

Journey Across the Continents


In this topic, we are sent letters and animals from around the world and together we journey to these places to learn all about them.  We also meet a little boy Noi and his friend the Storm Whale.


In this topic we meet Morris who is the mankiest monster of all.  We learn how to describe him and we teach him how to be much more hygienic.  We also make some marvellous monster moving pictures!

Spring 2

Peter Rabbit

In this topic we read stories about the mischievous character of Peter Rabbit and we write our own Peter Rabbit.  We also learn all about growing vegetables and we set up our own allotment.



In this topic we study life inside a castle and we write our own factual report.  We also have fun jousting, dancing and taking part in our own medieval banquet.