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Cranham Primary School and Cranberries Nursery

Our Curriculum Day

We held a curriculum day and all activities were based on a range of the Sustainable Development Goals.


The children were able to participate in a range of activities across the morning. We shared a range of stories with a sustainability theme at the start of each session and these promoted thoughtful discussions. 


Activities included:

  • A poster competition in which the children were asked to design a poster to be put up around school.
  • What hurts and helps our planet? This was a sorting activity.
  • How can we make our planet a better place?  The children thought about what they could do to make a difference. 
  • A range of PE activities including yoga and boxing.
  • Sustainability board game.
  • Music - the children learnt a song about recycling.





Below is a selection of books that we shared with the children