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CEO’s Blog - 7th May 2020

A weekly blog from the CEO of the Rivers MAT, Kate Brunt.


Keeping in touch


During this time, when we can’t see our friends or hug our relatives, keeping in touch has never felt more important. Even that phrase sounds strange in these strange times when ‘touch’ is exactly what we can’t do any more. I’m very lucky to have my family around me at this time but, even so, I am really missing seeing my Rivers family. I’m heartened and proud to see that we are all, staff, pupils and parents/carers, finding new ways to reach out to one another, to support each other and to stay connected and ‘in touch’.


During these weeks of lockdown, I’ve enjoyed seeing staff singing in videos, sharing photos and reading to children and I know that they are also contacting children and parents/carers individually as well as providing learning resources and feedback. It has been lovely to see children and parents/carers sharing photos and videos, posting supportive comments on social media and joining in MAT events such as our virtual Easter bonnet parade. I want to say a big thank you to all of you for the wonderful ways in which you are keeping the Rivers family connected and together.


This feeling of family and togetherness is going to be so important as we slowly return to some kind of new normality, whenever that may be. This is an anxious time as we wait for Sunday to hear the government’s plans to ease the lockdown. As adults, we must stay positive for our children and protect them from our own anxieties, however we may feel inside.


Once again, thank you all for doing such a fantastic job at keeping our community together. You are amazing!


Stay safe and stay in touch,

Kate Brunt