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Hello Year 1,  

Here are a few activities to print and have a go at during the next few weeks.  Don't forget to keep reading and email us pictures of any work that you complete.  We would love to see it.

Activity 1 - write some sentences about something you have done with your family.  Draw a picture to go with it.


Activity 2 - make an obstacle course in the garden and time how long it takes for you to complete it.


Activity 3 - colour an Easter egg using your neatest colouring.


Activity 4 - make someone in you family an Easter card.


Activity 5 - go for a walk or a bike ride with your family.


Activity 6 - tell someone in your family about your favourite book character.  Can you draw a picture of the character and write some words to describe them.


Activity 7 - bake an Easter treat and write instructions to explain how you made it.