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Cranham Primary Curriculum.

We have worked hard to develop a rich curriculum that meets the needs of all of our learners. We believe that the best way to prepare our children for the future is to enable them to acquire knowledge whilst developing skills and understanding. This means that we make cross curricular links, whereever meaningful and possible, so that children develop transferable skills which can be used in any subject. Our learning is theme based and will often use a book as a stimulus or starting point. This helps children to see the link between language, reading and writing.

Wherever applicable and useful maths will be connected to the theme and will often focus on problem solving.   We encourage children to think for themselves, to discuss ideas and to use reasoning when justifying their ideas. Many of our themes start with a ‘wow’ factor to hook the children in and will work towards purposeful outcomes for our children and families to enjoy. Purposeful outcomes allow us to celebrate learning, whilst developing lifelong learning behaviours such as pride, resilience and team work. National Curriculum statutory requirements are fulfilled and in addition to this the ‘Cranham curriculum’ ensures opportunities are broad and balanced as well as fit for purpose for our pupils, so that they can understand, appreciate and succeed in modern Britain.

Support with listening to your children read at home.

We use Bug Club and Floppy's phonics for teaching phonics and a wide range of scheme books for early readers. These include: Bug club, Big Cat Collins, Rigby and  Rigby Navigator. We use Project X and Project X Code for interventions aimed at struggling readers in key stage 2.

What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects here. If you need to find out anything else, don't hesitate to speak to your child's teacher.