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Breakfast Club

Cranham Primary School Breakfast Club


We have been running a breakfast club for around 9 years as a way of helping working parents with early morning childcare. The club starts at 7:30 each morning and finishes when school begins.

At breakfast club children are offered a good choice of food and there are loads of activities to keep them busy and enjoying themselves.

We accept pupils as young as reception age if we feel they are ready for such a long day without it causing them undue distress.

Breakfast Club is run brilliantly by Mrs Hill, Mrs Cassidy and Mr Hill. We currently charge only £2 per day which can be paid each day or in's up to you. 

If you wish to use our breakfast club, just turn up at the door to the left of Cranberries Nursery (Worcester Early Years Language Centre) and ring the bell any time from 7:30am.