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School Improvement Priorities 17/18

  • 1) To raise standards in reading, writing and maths and attendance for disadvantaged pupils

Rationale: In school and accountability data (year 2 particularly in 2017) show that gaps between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged pupils are not closing as planned.

  • 2) Raise standards in reading to ensure a greater proportion of pupils are at ARE across the school with regards to NC 2015, 

Rational: Our year 6 national tests show that reading is not as strong as the other subjects despite having been the strongest (in comparison to national figures) in recent years prior to introduction of new national curriculum.

  • 3) To develop the use of CPA (concrete, pictoral and abstract) to improve the efficiency of calculation (choosing the correct operation)

Rationale: Work scrutiny and pupil conversations have highlighted the difficulty Cranham pupils are having making decisions on ‘how’ to solve a problem by not choosing most appropriate methods of calculation.

  • 4) To develop the outside area further to increase physical activity of pupils at Cranham.

Rationale: Building on from massive success in raising participation in sporting activity over past three years, we want to increase  further  the extent to which pupils have the opportunity to be active at break-times.