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Poplar's weekly blog

Poplar’s weekly blog

Friday 7th September


This week, Poplar class have made an excellent start to Year 5. Children returned to school on Wednesday 5th September, refreshed after a lovely six weeks off and eager to learn.

Each morning, we have started the day by using the school running track. This helps encourage children to be more active and we have found that it helps improve concentration levels in class. 

In English lessons, we looked at a page of 'My Pet Dragon' by M.P. Robertson. As a class, we annotated the key features that had been used to present the information clearly and in an engaging way. 

In maths lessons, we started to learn about place value. We looked at a range of ways of showing numbers, for example with place value counters, dienes and the part-whole model. 

In science, we discussed what we already knew about space and posed questions that we would like to answer during our lessons this half term.

In geography, we began to research three different mountains. These were Mount Everest, Mauna Kea and Olympus Mons. 

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Friday 29th June


This week we have been planning, drafting and writing our narrative extract based on a picture in the book. We were writing in the third person because we had to talk about the wolves, hunters and whatever happened when they came face to face! When we finished editing and drafting our work, we wrote it up in our neatest handwriting on special paper, it was like we were publishing it.


In Maths, we have been converting kilograms and kilometres. At first, it was a bit tricky but after we gave it a good go, it became a lot easier!

Friday 22nd June


Today is a non-school uniform day, so we are all VERY excited! We have had to bring in a bottle of something to go towards one of the stalls at our summer fayre. 


On Wednesday, we had our sports day. It was perfect weather as it was warm but not too hot! Luckily, none of us got burnt. First, we took part in lots of football and cricket activities and then after break we took part in the running races. We got to choose to compete in the egg and spoon race, sprint, hurdles, three legged race and a long distance race. We were SO tired by the end of the day.

Friday 15th June


This week we started off by spending the day at a Bellboating regatta with all of the other schools in the academy. We won lots of races but it was great fun and we got to talk to some of the other children. 


Following out current topic book, 'The eye of the wolf' we wrote diary entries as if we were the wolf or the boy in the story. It was really fun getting into the role of a character and having to think and write like they would! 


We have started gymnastics in P.E. this week! We experimented with partner balances, it was a bit scary having to trust some of the people in our class not to let us fall, but we all did really well.


Some of our class went to a Tennis competition today, they were able to show off their fantastic racket skills!

Friday 8th June


This week we have been looking at a place in Australia called Victoria. We have had to draw together a conclusion based on a range of evidence we were given. We looked at pictures, maps, bush fire hazard areas and local death numbers. We had to try to figure out why the insurance costs were increasing. 


In Maths, we have been describing and drawing reflections using coordinates. We were able to give and listen to coordinates to help us reflect and translate shapes.


As part of our current topic, we have been researching wolves, so that we can form a detailed non-chronological report about them. We learnt all about their different appearances, diet, habitat and lots of interesting facts about them.