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Poplar's weekly blog

Poplar’s weekly blog

7th December 

This week we have carried on multiplying and dividing by 10,100 and 1000. At the end of the week we began finding the perimeter of shapes. 

Miss Parle discovered 'Advent Rocks' which we have been doing every morning when we come in. It is similar to Times Table Rockstars and has the different levels of 'Wannabe', 'Breakthrough artist' and 'Rock hero'. They are three questions which we have to work through and they can be based on anything mathematical. 

In topic, we became historians and looked at a range of Primary and Secondary sources based on the Christmas Truce in WW1. We investigated whether or not the Sainsbury's 2016 Christmas Advert was a true representation of what happened that day, or whether Sainsbury's changed it to up their viewings. We decided that Sainsbury's changed a lot of it to ensure it was memorable and to ensure great viewing statistics. 

We also looked at a few different newspaper articles and used Pie Corbett's talk for writing to learn the sequence of a newspaper article, ready for us to write our own about the Christmas Truce next week.

On Friday, the pantomime visited school and put on a great show of Aladdin. What a way to start the festive season!

30th November 

This week was only a 4 day week for us, we had a TED day on Monday.

We started a new topic this week based on World War 1. We have started by researching WW1 to develop a basic understanding of what happened and why.

In Maths, we looked at prime numbers and are now able to identify prime numbers up to 100!

Throughout this week we have been making wreathes out of pasta for our Christmas hoop- we got rather messy!

23rd November

In Maths this week we have been learning about square and cube numbers. We found lots of different square numbers, and finding cube numbers were slightly trickier but we got there!

We came to the end of this topic, so we were writing out final writes. Some of us wrote a ship log as if we were the sailor and some of us wrote a narrative extract in the third person.

On Thursday, we were lucky enough to be invited to Year 4 to look at their museum for their topic. We looked at all of the fantastic work they produced. We were able to leave great feedback for them too.

In Gymnastics, we have been using different apparatus to create balances- even Miss Parle got involved!

16th November

On Monday, we burnt our Viking ships, just like the Vikings did! we had to be very careful and took lots of safety precautions!

On Tuesday, Miss Parle taught us for P.E, which we did Gymnastics. We made sequences, each sequence had to have a start position, link move, a balance (which was held for 3 seconds), a link move out and a final position! We were all very good and even pointed our toes!


This week we have been interpreting information on different types of tables- this was really tricky! By the end of the week, the penny seemed to drop when we were looking at timetables!


On Friday- we wore odd socks and a funny hat. There were some fantastic hats. Miss Parle had a daffodil, Katrine made a bubble gum machine and Abi made a giant doughnut! Year 5 had to take part in a sponsered catch, so each class had a competition to see who could make the most passes in a minute without dropping it, and then the whole year joined one huge circle and had to keep passing numerous balls around. We had great fun- so much laughter!


It was the first week of Miss Parle's Lunch Cafe. This is going to happen every Friday lunch time, however you can only go if you are personally invited! The children who have been 'overall outstanding students' get to join Miss Parle for lunch, she brings hot chocolate and chocolates, they also get to do some colouring and listen to music! 


This week Livvie, Katrine, Daisy, Brooke, Abi.G, Imogen and Molly joined her! Good job girls!


9th November 2018


When we came back from half term, we built longships out of lolly pop sticks in different shapes and sizes, some people used a hot glue gun or some people used PVA glue, buttons and also fabric and don't forget colored paper.


Now our new topic is... Home is where the heart is. The book we are learning is COMING HOME.The book's author is Michael Morpurgo and it is illustrated by Kerry Hyndman. The book is a poem, it's about a little robin that's trying to find its way home.


By Alexis, Abbi and Imogen