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In Poplar class, your teacher is Miss Parle and your teaching assistant is Mrs O'Hara.

We are here to help you have an amazing and successful year here at Cranham.






Remember we have P.E. on a Wednesday and a Friday this term




Please bring your reading diary and reading book in every day. Try to read to an adult at least three times a week! You will be rewarded with enhanced writing skills, more imagination and 5 dojos!


Homework is due on a Friday and will be given out on a Friday.

Spellings will be given out on a Friday and you will be tested on a Thursday.



World Book Day 2019 - Cranham Primary School, Worcester

Rivers MAT Chocolate Day 15.03.19


All of the Academy schools took part in Chocolate based Science experiments today. In year 5, we looked at changing state and made our own chocolate bars to sell to the rest of KS2. We then became designers and designed our own chocolate bar and packaging, which we then presented to the Dragons. After this, we became Scientists. We had a pack of Smarties in a group and we had to make predictions and estimations before opening the pack. Once we had opened it we sorted and classified the sweets, before counting them. 


We then looked at a single tube of Smarties as a class and drew a bar graph then found the mean, mode and median of the sweets. 



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Isaac Newton Day


15th February 2019

We spent the day looking at different aspects of Newton’s life. We put them in chronological order and investigated what some of it meant. We then researched his discoveries and wrote a mini non-chronological report about his life and his discoveries.


Poplar's Leadership Board

#1 Hannah

#2 Livvie

#3 Borys



We've been making the most of the good weather by spending 20 minutes, after lunch, reading our books outside. We got to choose where we wanted to sit, most of us sat in the shade because we were so hot after lunch!


We have also taken a couple of our daily fluency lessons out side. Today, we practised our times tables!



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Today we had some visitors who helped us become engineers for the day! We were set the task to build a bridge out of k'nex. We had great fun and we worked really well in pairs. 



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Space Dome

To go with our Science topic we visited the 'Space Dome' when it came into school, we learnt lots from it.

"Uranus is on its side because lots of planets bashes into it, and it fell on it's side" - Sophie Faulkner (9)



World Maths Day





On 4th October, we took part in 'No Pens Day Wednesday'. This meant we couldn't use pens/pencils ALL day!

We went outside and had a go at making words using semaphore flags. Then, for maths we had a go at cutting out shapes and making tangrams out of them. It was really fun!

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This year half of Year 5 are taking part in the Prince William award. The children involved will take part in team building activities. The other half of the year will become scientists and carry out a range of investigations.

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