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Miss Parle's Overall Outstanding Pupils

Miss Parle believes it is incredibly important to be recognised for your hard work.

Therefore, she has set up a 'Lunch Club' every Friday. She invites a small number of children to join her for lunch, she also brings hot chocolate and treats. 


The children have a fantastic time week after week and they seem to be making more of an effort in their work, but they are also trying hard to be a better person overall, ensuring they are being good friends too.


16th November- Katrine, Livvie, Imogen, Daisy, Brooke and Molly.


23rd November- Joe, Harry, Blake, Libby, Abbi, Cerys.

This week we made chocolate chip cookies too!

7th December- Bryan, Abi, Katrine, Livvie, Daisy, Molly and Holly