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Our maths topic this half term is Geometry- shape.

We have been identifying and naming 3D shapes. We are able to identify the verticies, edges and faces.

We have looked at nets of shapes- this got a bit tricky with the more complexed shapes but we got there!

For the beginning of this half term we are studying Geometry- Angles.

We have been working hard to measure and draw accurately! 

We have just about mastered using a protractor.



On Thursday, we used our knowledge of measuring, estimating and drawing angles to answer word questions.

They were a bit tricky but we did really well- we still need a bit more practise though!


We are carrying on with our weekly times table tests, they are a selection of multiplication and division questions. We start on Bronze 5, then edge up a times table each time we get all answers correct.

Lots of the class have just began the Silver level.