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During this term, we will be doing lots of work with fractions.


For the majority of our lessons, we follow a PowerPoint format.


We start by warming up. This usually includes something we have previously learnt to refresh our memory and get us ready to learn.




Then, we carry out the ‘teach it’ part of the lesson where we learn a new skill and then practise this in fluency activities. We use visual representations and apparatus to help us with our learning. 




After that, we ‘twist it’. This is where we take the concept that we have just learnt and change it slightly so we have to look at it in a different way. This helps us to secure our understanding and develop our reasoning skills.




Following this, we do a ‘deepen it’ activity. This allows us to apply our knowledge to greater depths and make links across different areas of our learning.



Finally, we discuss what we have learnt as a class. 

We add notes about our learning to this slide during our class discussion.