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This year homework will be divided into four sections. Three of these will be weekly: reading, spelling and maths; whilst the forth element will be given out in a three weekly cycle.

Maths: The homework set will be on the program ‘MyMaths’ which the children have used before and will help reinforce the skills taught in the lesson. In order to access this, you will need to have the internet and be able to run Adobe Flash Player. If you are unable to do this, then the computers at school can be used but there is often not enough time during lunch for the children to complete their allocated tasks. Your local library is free to join and the children are able to access the computers there free of charge.


Other Homework:

Children will be a set a homework once every three weeks that will cover all areas of the curriculum. Our aim is to help the children to become independent learners and also to appeal to what they are interested in. The children are able to choose where they want take their task depending on their interests.

For example, our first homework is ‘Chocolate’!

The children will be given a crib sheet so that they can make some choices. They may wish to do Geography - look at where in the world chocolate (the cocoa bean) comes from. History- research when and by whom chocolate was first made. Science - how chocolate is made. Art - wrapper designs for new or existing chocolate bars. English- write a story about chocolate or a poem. Finally maths- they can produce some worded problems or ratio problems involving chocolate.