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Friday 10th May


This week has been incredibly busy! Miss Taylor and Miss Taylor, student teacher from the University of Worcester, joined Year 5. Miss Taylor will be in Chestnut and Miss Thomas in Poplar. On Wednesday, we all went bell-boating on the River Avon. Although the weather was not on our side, the children had a wonderful day and are looking forward to the regatta in June. In maths, we have become masters of measuring and drawing angles and we will continue to apply our skills to more complex problems next week. On Friday, we drew the setting referred to in the opening verses of 'The Highwayman', using the text to tell us what features we needed to include. We also worked in pairs, or groups of three, to try the NRICH 'Light the lights' problem. 

Friday 3rd May


This week, we began our new topic 'Tragedy under Moonlight'. On Wednesday, we discovered a crime scene outside the Year 5 area and had to use our detective skills to work out what had happened from the clues left behind.