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Friday 12th April


We have had an incredibly busy week to end the half term!


On Tuesday 9th April, many of the Year 5 parents and family members attended our reading afternoon. Children were eager to share the stories and diary entries that they had published using 'Book Creator'. There was then a wide range of activities for the children and adults to work on together, developing different reading skills. A huge thank you to all who attended!


On Wednesday 10th April, we went on a trip to Weston Park. Here, they made clay medals, looked at a range of WW2 artefacts, tried on a range of clothing from this era (including army uniforms!) and saw what a typical 1940s living room was like.


On Thursday 11th April, we attended an athletics festival at the University of Worcester. We took part in a range of activities taught by the university students including relays, javelin, sprinting and long jump.

Friday 15th March


Over the past few weeks, we have been looking at 'My Secret War Diary', which is written from the perspective of Flossie Albright. We have inferred her thoughts and feelings as well as looking in detail at her style of writing. 

After researching The Blitz, we composed our own diary entries from Flossie's perspective and decorated our work in a similar style to the book.


On Friday, we had our chocolate day. We had great fun making and designing our own chocolate bar and accompanying wrapper. We also made our own chocolate bars and sold these to KS2 children at breaktime.


Friday 8th February


This week, we composed our own narrative extract about Lenny escaping from his new home in the countryside and attempting to get back to his mother in London.

We have also been researching evacuation, rationing and women's roles during World War II. Next week, we will use all the information that we have collected to write our own non-chronological reports.


On Thursday afternoon, we went to Bishop Perowne High School to watch their production of Oliver! It was very enjoyable and the young performers inspired us with their confidence.


In music lessons this week, we have starting playing the glockenspiel and used it to find the pulse in the rap that we have been learning - 'The Fresh Prince of Bel Air'. 


Friday 18th January 


This week, we wrote detailed setting descriptions in English lessons, applying our knowledge of effective vocabulary, relative clauses, similes, prepositions and fronted adverbials. 


We also decorated the front of our shoe boxes, which will become our CAMs toys. They looked fantastic! Next week, we will construct the moving parts. 


As part art of our computing module, we started making a crab maze game on scratch. This week, we designed three, increasingly difficult levels. 



Friday 11th January


This week, we started our new topic which is all about World War II. The first book we are looking at is The Lion and the Unicorn. We have started by collecting vocabulary to help us write about the beautiful countryside setting where Lenny (the main character) was evacuated to. 


In DT, we designed our CAMs toys. These involve different moving parts that are operated by turning a single handle. We look forward to making these next week!