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2015 - 2016

Growing and Green


Our first topic after Easter is 'Growing and Green' and we will be learning all about plants, flowers and growing. We will also be doing lots of planting in our outdoor area, which will hopefully bring it back to life again after a cold, wet winter!



Mr. Bloom has written to us this week, to give us some advice about planting seeds. Take a look at the cbeebies website for some fun Mr. Bloom activities, games and video clips:



Role Play Area

We love our new garden centre role play area! In numeracy we have been learning about money. This has helped us to apply our maths skills and work out which coins we need when we pay for things at the garden centre shop.



Our outdoor area is looking much better already. First we had to tidy up and pull out all of the weeds!




After that, we planted some new seeds and flowers. Then we watered them to help them grow.



Cress Investigation

We grew some cress to find out where cress grows the best. We looked at it every day to see how it had changed and filled out our cress diaries to write about what we noticed.






We put each pot of cress in a different place:

  • in the cupboard
  • on the window sill
  • in the classroom
  • in the conservatory
  • outside

Here are our pots of cress at the end of the investigation. Can you guess where we grew each of them? Which do you think has grown the best?